We have been a proven partner to exciting and innovative entrepreneurs for over a quarter of a century.

Our broad perspective encompasses the earliest stage companies and well-established public corporations, and we apply that perspective every day to identify new investment opportunities and to further develop our existing portfolio companies.

Private vs Public

We believe that “an IPO is only one day in the life of a company,” and that some of the best opportunities may come after a company achieves that milestone. Working with companies across early, middle and late stages, and the public arena, gives Crosslink a broader perspective.

  • venture capital
  • long/short hedge
  • hybrid crossover

Our broad perspective gives us clarity on which sectors to target, and which stages of company development to pursue. Our unique market lens brings intelligence and sustainable advantage with regard to exit and liquidity decisions.

We have a different view, and actively invest from seed through IPO and public stages. We are seeking the best companies and management teams poised for exceptional growth and leadership position.


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