October 28, 2022

VCs Leading in National Security

The impact of VCs on our nation’s defense and protection, including how VC-backed startups can form better relations with the government will be integral in securing peace, saving lives, and deterring future conflict. 

NVCA has convened VCs from across the country to discuss innovative solutions that will focus the power of the U.S. startup ecosystem on making our nation more secure. We’re excited to celebrate these pioneers and industry leaders. Thank you for your hard work!  

Matt Bigge, Partner, Crosslink Capital

At Crosslink Capital, Matt focuses on venture investments in enterprise and industrial IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and plausible science fiction. Prior to his VC career, Matt served in the U.S. Army with a distinguished record as an Infantry officer and Ranger in the 10th Mountain Division. As an entrepreneur and investor with more than two decades of general management and venture investing experience, he has a strong record of investing in leading-edge technology companies Read rest here