October 08, 2020

Aliro Quantum Introduces Its First Software Products for Computing and Networking

Aliro Quantum, a quantum software company spun out of spun out of Harvard’s Quantum Information Science Lab in 2019, has introduced its first two products.  The first is called Aliro Q.Compute (AQC) and is a development platform that will take quantum programs written in QASM, pyQuil, or other quantum languages and optimize them to run on different hardware platforms. Aliro currently supports hardware from IBM, Honeywell, Rigetti, AQT, and they are working to add others. The software will create noise models for the various hardware platforms and then develop optimizations a both the gate level and the pulse level to run a user’s program with the best performance and accuracy. By supporting multiple hardware backends, the Aliro software can also guide a user to select the best hardware platform for their particular problem.

The second software product is called Aliro Q.Network (AQN) is quite unique.  It is a quantum network simulator that allows one to design and configure a quantum network. The AQN allows a user to select a topology, look at component fidelities, configure devices, simulate noise sources, compare protocols, and more. Read rest here