August 09, 2023

Data-Driven Strategy: How Gig Mobility Drove Fleet Efficiency in an Autonomous Vehicle Company’s Strategy

About the collaboration

At Gridwise, our focus is, and always has been, to empower gig drivers as part of our mission of Improving the way people work and goods move. With autonomous vehicles introducing a new type of gig mobility driver, we want to ensure these vehicles can best operate alongside human drivers in our efforts to enable the most efficient mobility system. 

About the customer

In 2016, a team of Google engineers founded a top autonomous vehicle company specializing in developing and deploying self-driving vehicles for last-mile delivery, gaining recognition for its innovative approach to autonomous technology. 

The company’s primary focus is creating safe and efficient solutions for transporting local goods, helping to improve the lives of all drivers. The vehicles are purpose-built to navigate urban environments and provide reliable, contactless delivery services. These compact, low-speed vehicles are explicitly designed to transport goods rather than passengers.

This company has developed advanced sensor systems, including LiDAR and cameras, to perceive and understand its surroundings, enabling the vehicles to navigate complex traffic scenarios and safely interact with pedestrians and other road users. The company also leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve its vehicles’ capabilities and decision-making processes continuously. Read rest here