December 10, 2020

Introducing the Koan Free Tier

Since our inception, Koan’s mission has been to foster purposeful work with a great product that everyone enjoys using… and now we’re making another big bet in that direction! Having worked with organizations around the world, we know that building team alignment and achieving goals isn’t easy, especially with the shift to remote and hybrid settings. Smart teams, whether they’re customer-facing or product-centered, are now focusing on how to become more “outcome” instead of “output” driven, knowing that it’s both a better way to succeed and a better way to create a thriving team culture. Trying to manage it all through spreadsheets just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Today we’re excited to announce that every team can start managing their goals using Koan for free. No joke. No credit card required. No limitations. Just full-blown free. This first-of-its-kind organizational alignment offering is free for an unlimited number of users and provides a great way for any team to replace the pitfalls of ad-hoc emails, spreadsheets, and calendar invites with a dedicated OKR and status tracking platform.

Instead of the traditional top-down approach to goal management, Koan’s platform enables teams to rollout and maintain collaborative goals, without the overhead of a manual process. Free access comes without limitations on the number of users, goals, or teams in the system. Read rest here