December 02, 2021

Tech companies double down on remote work, partner with Cleary to build the digital lobby

Cleary Technologies, a San Francisco-based startup born out of the Twitter digital remote-forward culture, has seen a substantial increase in the demand for its platform’s ability to build the company “digital lobby”. With 63% of high-revenue unicorn companies and tech startups embracing hybrid or fully remote models, they are stepping up investments in the technology required to build strong employee cultures in the digital world.

Bringing big tech’s approach to the broader market without the need for massive investment, Cleary partners with some of the biggest emerging names in Silicon Valley, including Square, Buzzer, Flexport, Shippo, Cadre, PillClub, Kiavi (formerly LendingHome), among others. This is the beginning of a new category of platforms that place emphasis on building a central, public, digital social gathering place where leaders announce the most important company news, people discover “who’s who”, teams build authentic connections, and employees feel what it’s like to be part of the culture.

Before starting Cleary, co-founders Thomas Kunjappu and Ryan O’Donnell led the development of a suite of internal tools at Twitter which included the “Birdhouse”, uniting the company in a place for employees to catch up on the latest company news, learn more about what their co-workers were working on, and ask questions of the leadership team. Read rest here