February 02, 2023

Top 10 startups across 10 trending industries in 2022

Wellfound has selected 10 top startups across 10 trending industries to showcase as we close out 2022. We selected these teams based on their potential to not only succeed, but to transform their respective industries.

To help us compile our list of winners, we consulted angel investors and industry experts to evaluate which startups have attracted the greatest investor buzz over the past year. We combined this insider knowledge with our own product data that gave us insight into what industries, products and missions our community is most excited about.

The final product is a list that blends expert insights with genuine community interest and excitement. We reached out to founders for an inside glimpse into what makes their team unique and how they credit their success. Choose your industry of interest below or keep scrolling to view the full list of winners.


Novo is keeping small business at their core.

“At Novo, we are truly reshaping the relationship between small business owners and their checking account.Today, the vast majority of small business owners see their checking account as a safe holding place for their money — one that often comes with clunky user interfaces and countless fees. Novo isn’t just focused on helping small businesses keep their money safe. We’re creating a customizable financial platform that puts the checking account at the center of small business owners’ financial universe, and allows them to customize this platform through our ecosystem of business apps.Since launching Novo in 2018, everything we’ve built has been focused on giving small business owners easier and faster ways to manage their finances. Novo has never strayed from this focus — and I think our “strategy” of working to exceed small business owners’ needs day-in and day-out is the biggest reason for our success.Novo has received a lot of recognition for its growth over the last year — from being named to the Forbes Fintech 50 to one of Business Insider’s Most Promising Fintech Startups. While our team is very appreciative of the external validation/recognition, what really drives us is what we hear from our customers. Read rest here