July 16, 2019

WAVE Launches With $5.65M To Make Guided Meditation Mainstream

With startups like Calm and Headspace have brought innovation and accessibility to the meditation space, Mason Levey still thinks users are stuck with an all-too-similar experience: listening to a stereotypical meditation voice; sitting still; closing your eyes; being silent. S

So, Levey founded WAVE with Brad Warsh, a startup working on a subscription-based meditation app and pillow that just raised $5.65 million in seed funding.

This infusion of cash came from a group of investors, including CrossLink Capital, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Collaborative Fund, and Ludlow Ventures.

WAVE mixes guided meditation with music on an app, and a pillow that vibrates according to the beat, said Levey, the CEO of the company. Read rest here.