August 13, 2020

Will COVID-19 Make Wearables Mainstream?

As concerns rise over a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus cases, so does the urgency among employers to protect their workforce. Employee well-being is more critical to sustaining operations than ever, and an undeniable need has arisen for smarter ways of working and more connected technology in the workplace. Amidst this changing environment, wearable tech is becoming increasingly prevalent.

On an Upward Trend

The rapidly rising trend of smart wearables can be attributed in part to the fact that they can be quickly implemented and return immediate results in protecting against Covid-19. We’ve seen an average 84% decrease in close employee contacts in facilities within days of deploying wearables.

The acceleration of this tech has been furthered by a more extensive need during the pandemic. While smart devices were once reserved for a percentage of the workforce focused on intense physical labor, they now offer safe distancing and contact tracing features beneficial to all employees. We’re seeing companies utilize up to three times the amount of wearables among their workforce during the pandemic. Read rest here