As the coronavirus crisis tightens corporate budgets, some companies are trying to find ways to scale back on their cloud and IT costs. Meanwhile, a slew of startups have emerged in the past few years to help companies do exactly that.

Some of these startups build products that automate work in operations, data management, and security, which helps companies save money, while others build software that can help companies see how exactly they’re using the applications they pay for. By analyzing how they use their apps, companies can see which ones they can perhaps scale back on, allowing them to save money with their software and cloud vendors. 

“[These tools] give CIOs a flashlight to shine on subscription overspending, how much they’re spending on SaaS tools, and cloud tools,” Rama Sekhar, partner at Norwest Venture Partners, told Business Insider.

We asked VCs to recommended startups they believe will help companies cut cloud and IT costs (including ones that they have no relationship with). Read rest here.