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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio founders are market disrupters across highly dynamic enterprise and consumer sectors

  • Rob Bernshteyn

    Rob Bernshteyn,

    CEO, Coupa

  • Dave Yarnold

    Dave Yarnold,

    Former CEO, Servicemax

  • Rick Tallman

    Rick Tallman,

    CEO, Vungle

  • Chris Britt

    Chris Britt,

    Co-Founder/CEO, Chime

  • Chet Kapoor

    Chet Kapoor,

    CEO, DataStax

  • Jay Shah

    Jay Shah,

    CEO, Personal Capital

    Personal Capital
  • Alexa Meyer and Dr. Emily Anhalt

    Alexa Meyer & Dr. Emily Anhalt,

    Co-Founders, Coa

  • Tim Neal

    Tim Neal,

    Co-Founder/CEO, GoExpedi

  • Deepak Thomas

    Deepak Thomas,

    CEO, Phil

  • Wardah Inam, PhD.

    Wardah Inam, PhD.,

    CEO, Overjet

  • Alexi Robichaux

    Alexi Robichaux,

    Co-Founder/CEO, BetterUp

  • Drew Uher

    Drew Uher,

    Founder/CEO, Homelight

  • Ben McKean

    Ben McKean,

    Founder/CEO, Hungryroot

  • Roy Banks

    Roy Banks,

    CEO, Weave

our advantage

Our Advantage

Our proprietary advantage is Alpha, the premier technology network of more than 2,000 founders, CEOs, investors, and thought leaders

Founder Testimonials

  • "It’s incredibly reassuring as a founder to have a VC in your corner who has the passion, know-how and drive to support you at the drop of a hat."

    Jared Geller,

    Founder/CEO, HitRecord

  • "The Alpha events aren’t your typical networking event. People are real, the group is diverse, and you get to hear highly successful operators share vulnerable moments."

    Kate DeWald,

    Founder/CEO, Oncue

  • "Crosslink’s value is the board impact and ability to think strategically around how we position the business for further growth and fundraising rounds."

    Tim Neal,

    Founder/CEO, GoExpedi

  • "Authentic, sharp, and thoughtful… The team at Crosslink feels more like family than traditional investors."

    Alexa Meyer,

    Co-Founder/CEO, Coa

  • "Crosslink has been our biggest supporter since day one. Partnering with Crosslink is a major part of our commercial success."

    Eric Rachmel,

    Founder/CEO, Brace

  • "During challenging times, as well as growth periods, they have served as thought partners on strategic and execution related matters."

    Ben McKean,

    Founder/CEO, Hungryroot

  • "Strong backing from Crosslink and its network of investors provided Personal Capital with the resources to achieve sustained hyper-growth and scale."

    Jay Shah,

    Founder/CEO, Personal Capital

  • "The team at Crosslink were among the first to understand the magnitude of what Verodin was trying to build."

    Chris Key,

    Founder/CEO, Verodin

  • "We were fortunate to partner with Crosslink in the very early days of Chime. From our first conversation at Alpha, their focus on helping to develop early-stage companies was apparent."

    Chris Britt,

    Founder/CEO, Chime