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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio founders are market disrupters across highly dynamic enterprise and consumer sectors

  • Rob Bernshteyn

    Rob Bernshteyn,

    CEO, Coupa

  • Rick Tallman

    Rick Tallman,

    CEO, Vungle

  • Chris Britt

    Chris Britt,

    Co-Founder/CEO, Chime

  • Dilip Goswami and Jaya Rao

    Dr. Yogi Goswami, Dilip Goswami and Jaya Rao,

    Co-Founders, Molekule

  • Chet Kapoor

    Chet Kapoor,

    CEO, DataStax

  • Jay Shah

    Jay Shah,

    CEO, Personal Capital

    Personal Capital
  • Alexa Meyer and Dr. Emily Anhalt

    Alexa Meyer & Dr. Emily Anhalt,

    Co-Founders, Coa

  • Tim Neal

    Tim Neal,

    Co-Founder/CEO, GoExpedi

  • Deepak Thomas

    Deepak Thomas,

    CEO, Phil

  • Daniel R. Odio

    Daniel R. Odio,

    Co-Founder/CEO, Armory

our advantage

Our Advantage

Our proprietary advantage is Alpha, the premier technology network of more than 2,000 founders, CEOs, investors, and thought leaders

Founder Testimonials

  • "The firm matters, but the partners and the people behind the name are what really matters."

    Daniel R. Odio (DROdio),

    Founder/CEO, Armory

  • "It’s incredibly reassuring as a founder to have a VC in your corner who has the passion, know-how and drive to support you at the drop of a hat."

    Jared Geller,

    Founder/CEO, HitRecord

  • "The Alpha events aren’t your typical networking event. People are real, the group is diverse, and you get to hear highly successful operators share vulnerable moments."

    Kate DeWald,

    Founder/CEO, Oncue

  • "Crosslink’s value is the board impact and ability to think strategically around how we position the business for further growth and fundraising rounds."

    Tim Neal,

    Founder/CEO, GoExpedi

  • "The Crosslink team looks deeper and has a sophistication and acumen that other firms lack."

    John-Isaac (jC) Clark,

    CEO, Arturo

  • "Authentic, sharp, and thoughtful… The team at Crosslink feels more like family than traditional investors."

    Alexa Meyer,

    Co-Founder/CEO, Coa

  • "Crosslink has been our biggest supporter since day one. Partnering with Crosslink is a major part of our commercial success."

    Eric Rachmel,

    Founder/CEO, Brace

  • "During challenging times, as well as growth periods, they have served as thought partners on strategic and execution related matters."

    Ben McKean,

    Founder/CEO, Hungryroot

  • "Strong backing from Crosslink and its network of investors provided Personal Capital with the resources to achieve sustained hyper-growth and scale."

    Jay Shah,

    Founder/CEO, Personal Capital

  • "Crosslink had the vision to see how we could scale a product into a platform technology."

    Jaya Rao,

    Founder/CEO, Molekule

  • "The team at Crosslink were among the first to understand the magnitude of what Verodin was trying to build."

    Chris Key,

    Founder/CEO, Verodin

  • "We were fortunate to partner with Crosslink in the very early days of Chime. From our first conversation at Alpha, their focus on helping to develop early-stage companies was apparent."

    Chris Britt,

    Founder/CEO, Chime