Our unique approach combines a team of seasoned venture capitalists with top tier public market investment professionals into a cohesive strategy for finding the best investments.

No other firm has the breadth of insight and experience in our markets and the ability to understand the macro trends affecting all of our investments. The Crosslink Culture fosters agile teamwork, transparency and client service to our entrepreneur and investor partners.

Our venture investment professionals have substantial operational and investment backgrounds, providing the experience and know-how to build successful companies and recognize value. We work hard towards the success of each of our portfolio companies.

Our public-market investment professionals have deep experience across a broad range of investment strategies and sectors, which gives our team a better understanding of a company’s business and prospects.

Our depth of knowledge and insight creates a formula for long-term, repeatable success.

We have built strong investor-relations and back-office capabilities to ensure the highest degree of service and transparency for our investors.

Crosslink Capital