September 22, 2022

Big Data 50: Companies Driving Innovation in 2022

Data has only become more important as organizations look ahead to what a post-pandemic world could look like.

Some of the new approaches being embraced to help drive greater benefit from data are DevOps and DataOps, data quality and governance initiatives, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, IoT and edge computing, and a range of next-gen databases.

According to, big data in business intelligence apps will reach $54.9B by 2027, data integration and quality tools are projected to reach $10.2B globally by 2027, and enterprise performance analytics will reach $31.4 globally by 2027.

Industry verticals of various types have challenges in capturing, organizing, storing, searching, sharing, transferring, analyzing, and using data to improve business. Big data is making a big impact in certain industries such as the healthcare, industrial, and retail sectors.

Another report by Quest Software titled, “The 2022 State of Data Governance and Empowerment Report,” found that data quality has overtaken data security as the top driver of data governance initiatives, with 41% of those surveyed agreeing that their business decision-making relies fundamentally on trustworthy, quality data. Check out the full list including DataStax here