June 09, 2019

Gabriel Halimi wants to make sure you never waste a drop of water

Gabriel Halimi, 37, is chief executive of Flo Technologies Inc., a Culver City company that he founded with his father, Henry, who invented the firm’s central device. Flo’s smart detector connects to a home’s main water supply line and employs proprietary AI technology to monitor use and determine whether there are leaks. Each year, U.S. households waste 1 trillion gallons of water from leaks, enough to supply more than 11 million average homes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Moen, one of the nation’s largest water fixture makers, is partnering with Flo to offer smart water technology to customers. Flo is also part of a 12-month pilot project and grant funded through the Metropolitan Water District’s Innovative Conservation Program. Also involved are the Bureau of Reclamation, Western Resource Advocates, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Central Arizona Project and Southern California Gas Co. Flo has 50 employees. Read rest here.