April 26, 2022

JustiFi Raises New Capital to Break the Fintech Status Quo and Accelerate the Revenue Potential of Vertical SaaS Platforms

JustiFi, the intelligent fintech orchestration brain for vertical SaaS platforms, today announced it raised $4 million in additional financing, bringing its total seed funding raised since inception to $10.6 million.

JustiFi provides vertical SaaS platforms with a full suite of embedded fintech tools that can be deployed to their current customer base. Platforms that embrace fintech early can capture new revenue, create a better customer experience and dominate their vertical. Unfortunately, most platforms don’t have the financial resources, in-house expertise or years to spend engineering advanced payment tools.

When a vertical SaaS platform partners with JustiFi, they instantly have a fully integrated and white labeled suite of payment, banking and other fintech tools that are optimized for lowest possible cost, resulting in highest possible revenue and profit. JustiFi also provides a virtual fintech team on demand to closely guide each customer’s individual fintech journey.

Today’s emerging SaaS platform leaders will only be as successful as their ability to meet the expanding needs of their customer base by providing integrated payment and fintech tools optimized for customer success and maximum revenue. Read rest here