October 08, 2021

Jonathan Harris, CEO Of Molekule, Is On A Mission

I spoke with Jonathan Harris, the new CEO of Molekule, a leader in reinventing air purification. Harris brings more than 30 years of hardware and software experience to Molekule, after leading sales at consumer companies like Jawbone, GoPro and Roku.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Let’s start with your first 100 days at Molekule. What met your initial expectations? What was different than what you were expecting?

We had a strong leadership team here with great backgrounds and lots of scientists. We had an effective brand team in place, as well. What we needed to add was the ability to drive growth. Fortunately, with my background, I was able to help fill that void very quickly. I accelerated our direct-to-consumer business as well as creating a new focus on our B2B side. Not only is this product important in your home, but it’s just as important where you work, where you eat, where your kids go to school, and so on. Read rest here