December 19, 2023

Oncue Announces the First AI Voice Tool for The Moving Industry

Oncue is proud of its team and happy to announce the launch of Agent Oncue, the first AI-powered voice agent for the moving industry! It’s been a lot of work! The Oncue team has used data from over 100,000 calls to develop a proprietary AI model that provides 24/7 call coverage and seamless, automated lead creation for their customers.

Existing customers have been enjoying the benefits of Agent Oncue for the past couple of weeks and in that time has already processed over 1000+ calls.

Moving company owners are loving Agent Oncue! Why? Lead volumes and booking rates have increased substantially, and caller abandon rates have plummeted.

Oncue is thrilled to provide a groundbreaking AI solution to help its customers grow their businesses during this slow season! Read rest here.