August 01, 2019

Startup founders who sold their last 3 companies just got $28 million for a fourth, to build a business from a popular project started by Google and Netflix engineers

Daniel Rubén Odio is no stranger to founding startups. This is Odio’s fourth time starting a company, and his three previous companies have been acquired.

But when Odio and his team founded Armory in 2016, they decided they wanted it to stay independent.

“This is the first one we don’t want to sell,” he told Business Insider.

Armory builds commercial features for Spinnaker, an open source project that was created by engineers at Netflix and Google that helps engineers release software faster and more often.

Since Spinnaker is open source, it’s free for anyone to use, download, and modify. Armory builds additional features that companies can use, such as code pipelines, monitoring, and analytics. Read rest here.