July 13, 2023

Syncari Sets a New Standard in Customer Data Automation With SyncAI

New capabilities elevate the data potential of go-to-market teams by bringing generative AI to no-code automation, analytics, and data management

[San Francisco, July 13, 2022] – Syncari, a leader in Customer Data Automation and Revenue Operations, is excited to announce SyncAI, a suite of capabilities that extends its platform and revolutionizes how businesses align, analyze and activate customer data. The first release of this new suite includes InsightsGPT, PipelineGPT, and ActionGPT, enabling revenue teams to analyze customer data through conversation, execute data automation with natural language prompts, and bring Generative AI-powered actions into workflows.

InsightsGPT: Analyze customer data through conversation

With InsightsGPT, users can ask questions about sales pipeline, customer health or marketing campaign performance and receive reliable answers based on unified data from every system in the customer journey. InsightsGPT can provide specific data points, visualizations and charts that can be easily shared with others.

PipelineGPT: Execute data automations on command

Syncari has already simplified data management and automation with a no-code, no-SQL interface. Now, with PipelineGPT, we bring the best practices we’ve learned from working with hundreds of enterprises to the fingertips of every operations professional. Read rest here