January 08, 2024

AutoFi’s Platform Expansion Delivers Overwhelming Results With Deal Time Reduced by 70%

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AutoFi Inc. the leading provider of sales and finance technology across the automotive industry, has expanded its platform into the showroom to solve issues dealers have grappled with for years which create inefficiencies in their sales process including bottlenecks at the sales desk, consumer distrust, and decision overload.

The showroom capabilities were developed in partnership with dealers to finally address the disconnected legacy systems and processes weighing down their businesses. Capabilities including deal estimation, desking, lender routing and F&I menu, are now all included in one powerful platform effectively bridging the existing sales technology gap between the in-store CRM and DMS systems. AutoFi’s expanded platform solves everyday problems with the flexibility to enhance existing dealership processes, not force change on them.

The results are striking for early adopters of AutoFi’s showroom selling solution, with the sales process taking less than 30 minutes from customer check-in to loan approval (compared to approximately 90 mins traditionally), loan approval rates of nearly 80%, and more than $400 of incremental back-end PVR on each deal. With AutoFi, dealer staff can now be freed up to manage the floor more efficiently, fast-track the YES, and make better lender decisions, which translates to faster sales, higher satisfaction, and more profit. Read rest here