April 27, 2020

Molekule Air Pro RX Is A Medical-Grade Purifier For Healthcare Facilities

When I spoke with Dilip Goswami last year about where he and his sister, Jaya Rao, were taking the company, he briefly mentioned that they’d begun medical trials, partnering with hospitals to conduct trials.

Well, those plans have finally come to fruition, and just in time too. The new Molekule Air Pro RX is the company’s new professional device for health care facilities. Cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device, the purifier is ready to roll out (literally) right away and has been adopted by Mercyhealth in their facilities.

What Is It?

One glance is all you need to know that this is not your average Molekule purifier. The large grey cabinet (that still manages to sneak in the company’s logo and tagline) is a simple rectangle on wheels, meant to be easily wiped down and quickly deployed wherever it’s needed. Read rest here.