March 05, 2021

The Tesla Of Air Purifiers: An Interview With Molekule CEO Jaya Rao

The roaring wildfires in Oregon burned more than one million acres in September of 2020. According to most outlets the air quality in Portland was hazardously the worst on the planet. We consulted with HVAC specialists about keeping the highest quality air in our home while hopeful the fires would subside.

The EPA states that the effects of smoke from wildfires can range from eye and respiratory tract irritation to more serious disorders like exacerbation of asthma and heart failure. I kept my Albuterol within reach while my wife was suffering from headaches for nearly a week.

In an effort to reduce the smell of the smoke we sealed areas where air was leaking inside the home. The air purifier with the HEPA filter we had was meant to filter particles, but we weren’t sure how impactful it was. After further research, we learned that a HEPA filter only solves part of the problem. It was not designed to address the gaseous pollutants like carcinogenic VOCs that come from wildfire smoke.

We discovered a device called Molekule that’s technically in the air purification category – but we call it our pollutant destroyer. Unlike the traditional purifiers, it uses what they’ve coined PECO technology (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) to destroy organic pollutants like VOCs, viruses, and bacteria at the molecular level. Read rest here